Sunday, December 18, 2016

Capoeira Aruanda

Grupo Capoeira Aruanda is a new name for the capoeira group Capoeiracre, who’s history extends back more then 20 years. Forming as Capoeira Brasil, under Mestre Olho De Peixe, they began training as group of young students that would become the foundation and influence of the group.

After pioneering Capoeira in the state of Acre for 15 years under the title of Grupo Capoeira Brasil, a conscious movement was made by the students and teachers to form a new contemporary group. Capoeiracre was founded in the city of Rio Branco (in the state of Acre, Brazil) on the 29th January 2005.

Capoeiracre was founded as an international group, with academies in Brazil, Australia and Germany. The students and teachers recognised Olho de Peixe for his contribution to Capoeira in Acre and awarded him his masters cord, acknowledging him as the headmaster of Capoeiracre. The graduation of Mestre Olho de Peixe was overseen by Mestre Pintor, Mestre Hulk, Mestre Igor and Mestre Pequinês. In addition, Capoeiracre representatives from each country were present at the foundation ceremony.

In 1997, Borracha brought the group from Acre, Brazil to Sydney Australia and quickly established students in Western Sydney, the Inner city Pyrmont and the Eastern Beaches.

Today, Capoeira Aruanda, headed by godfather Mestre Boa Gente and Contra Mestre Borracha, has branches in Australia, Germany lead by Professor Soldado, and Acre Brazil lead by Contra-Mestre Geben. The change in name for the group reflects the strength of the group and the strong presence within the Australian capoeira community.