Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mestre Borracha

Mestre BorrachaMestre Borracha was born in Acre, Brazil. From a young age he has dedicated his life to Capoeira. In 1992 Borracha became widely recognised when he was the first Capoeirista to perform a double back somersault without the aid of a sprung floor or gym mats.

From 1993, Borracha began to travel around Brazil, visiting Capoeira academies, teaching and appearing as a special guest at numerous Batizados or gradings. In 1997 Borracha left his homeland, bound for Sydney Australia. His goal at this time was to further his career as a teacher with Grupo Capoeira Brasil.

Annually, Borracha visits Capoeira schools and academies in cities around Australia, including: Perth, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Newcastle. In addition to being a professional Brazilian cultural performer, Borracha and his group regularly perform Capoeira at community festivals, Australia Day festivals and charity events in and around Sydney.

Capoeira has also provided Borracha with the opportunity to perform and teach internationally, to countries including: India, Germany, New Caledonia, USA and Belgium.

In 2005, Borracha & his associates established a new Capoeira group Capoeiracre, named after the Brazilian state in which he was born and raised. There are now numerous Capoeiracre academies in Australia, Germany & Brazil.