Sunday, December 18, 2016

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Kids Capoeira

Benefits of Capoeira for Children

Capoeira is more than a sport; it encourages cooperation, self expression and fun. The sport of Capoeira is discipline, training, exercise, stretching and relaxation.

The communication between players in Capoeira mirrors communication in life, building a child’s experience and confidence within Capoeira and elsewhere. It gives physical and psychological support, developing all the potential contained in its participants, making them more prepared for life.

Movements that are quick, slow, controlled, loose, confined, acrobatic, light and elegant seem more like a dance than a fight, but it is also a sport and a game. It is a sport and a game where the most important thing isn’t to win, but to cooperate and have a dialogue with the other player!

The practice of Capoeira will assist your childs development with;

· Increased agility
· Improved balance and coordination
· Increased flexibility and mobility
· Improved muscle strength & endurance
· Cardio-vascular fitness helps overall health and well being
· Improved reflexes
· Better posture
· Musicality & Rhythm

 Borracha’s experience teaching children:

2010 – St George Girls HIgh School
2009 -2010 Killarney Heights Public School, After School Program
2009 – Athelstane Public School, After School Program
2007-200 8 & 2010 Abbotsleigh School for Girls – Senior Campus
2008 – Lambton Public School – Primary School
2007 – 2008 Aussie Dance Camp
2006 – 2008 Jesmond Primary School
2006 – Narrabeen lakes Primary School
2004 – 2007 – Get Active Sydney by Fitness First
2003 – 2004 – Marrickville High School – Physical Education Program

Kids Capoeira

Relevant Training:

2008 Australian Sports Commission Beginning Coaching General Principles
1995 Senac First Aid course
1997 Sesc Certificate of Physical Education

If would like any further information or to register your child for class please email or call Borracha on 0414 745 161.