Saturday, December 17, 2016

Capoeira Newcastle

Aruanda Newcastle has opened a new academy! Please check the class details at Novo Flow Academy >

Tel. 0411 349 408
3rd Floor / 180 King Street,
Newcastle NSW 2300

Instructor Jesito


Instructor Jesito began training capoeira over ten years ago in Australia under Mestre Borracha, group Capoeira Aruanda. He had trained in many different martial arts and was searching for something unique. As he had always played percussion the sound of the Berimbau and the beats of the Atabaque (drum) captured his attention.  Over the past 10 years Jesito has trained and attended many different groups events and gradings; researching and divulging the cultural art form of capoeira. In 2007 Jesito travelled to Brazil partaking in his master’s event in Rio Branco Acre, Brazil.  In 2010 Jesito trained under Professor Soldado of Capoeira Aruanda in Hamburg, Germany. Then in 2013 Sydney, Australia in front of family and friends from Australia’s capoeira community he graded to instructor level (Corde Verde) under Mestre Borracha and was awarded his instructors certificate from grande Mestre Boa Gente, the God Father of the group Capoeira Aruanda. Jesito continues to teach classes in Newcastle, Australia.

0411 349 408




Instructor Educador


I first started capoeira in 2004. I was looking for an activity that satisfied my need to express both my physical and creative side. A discipline that demonstrated both strength and power while expressing the beauty and grace of human movement. I found this in capoeira.

Whatever emotional journey life offered me through the day, capoeira allowed me to express this in a safe and forgiving environment. Capoeira has a strong social side which was a large reason I kept coming back. People have always accepted me for me and I come to consider them as part of my family in every sense of the word.

Capoeira has allowed me to not only teach others how to ‘fly’ in a physical sense. It has allowed me to inspire and set forth my philosophical perspective of life. To demonstrate that respect gets respect. That only through hard work and determination will greatness breed. There is nothing more satisfying.

Capoeira has given me the opportunity to go places and meet people I could only dream of previously. It has helped me form deep friendships with people from all over the world. I have had the opportunity to be part of the Aruanda Batizados (grading events) in Hamburg, Germany and Acre, Brasil as well as an invited guest at many International capoeira events. Here the amazing energy from capoeira instilled in me further passion. It demonstrated to me that capoeira truly is an art form that no matter your origin or socio-economic standing, you will be welcomed and treated as family.

Graduado Quebra


Since starting Capoeira in 2008 I have constantly been surprised at the beauty of this martial art and its passion for life and self expression. It has given me a deeper understanding of myself physically and emotionally as well as made me part of a world wide community and family.
Capoeira is a martial art that values the self expression of every member and adds their personal colours to its rich and growing tapestry.
It was my great pleasure to become a graduado of Capoeira Aruanda under Mestre Borracha and our godfather Grande Mestre Boa Gente in 2013 and to continue to grow in this diverse and wonderful art.